Thursday, March 8, 2007


This Saturday I'm going on my honeymoon. We are going to Hawaii, and I'm very excited, but also a little sad to be going so soon after beginning to write again. Ok, maybe I'm not that sad, but it sounded good at the time.

I won't be seeing or reviewing a movie this week, because I do have to pack. I'm the sort of person that thinks packing is a piece of cake. I always think that it's going to take me five minutes to throw everything in a bag and go. Of course, it always ends up taking three hours, I stay up way too late, and I inevitably forget something important. And every time I tell myself that I've learned my lesson, and every time I refuse to learn.

I won't be writing for at least a week, due to the whole being on my honeymoon thing. I'm sure you'll understand.

Bon Voyage!


Unknown said...


I hope you have a blast on your honeymoon! As for packing, I used to be pretty much like you as far as organization (remember going to the store to get stuff in CA immediately after we arrived??), but I have made much improvement. USE A LIST. I start a packing list about a day prior to packing and what I do is walk around my house looking for things to put on the list. It's working for me.

Regardless, I hope the both of you enjoy Hawaii (mutters under breath). I will make sure MN doesn't go anywhere while you are gone. :)

James Dwyer said...

Thanks, I did have enjoy Hawaii! And that's what I ended up doing, using a list. I didn't forget anything this time...

But does it count when I make the list the night before, well past my bedtime?