Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wiiing on the open Seas

While on the cruise in Hawaii, I noticed they had some events that allowed people to play the Wii on the big screen on the ship. I'm kicking myself now for not at least checking it out, but I was kind of on my Honeymoon!

I thought the events were interesting because of the large number of roving gangs of old people on board. I wanted to see the age range of the people at the wii events because getting my butt kicked at doubles Wii Tennis by a 10-year-old and his 90-year-old grandma probably would have done more damage to my ego than all the bullies in grade school combined!

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Unknown said...

I took a Wii on the open sea once. It was refreshing!

I hope your honeymoon was awesome. I hope to hear about it sometime soon.